Swim With JJ

Water Safety, Swim Lessons, and Stroke Technique in a comfortable and relaxing setting

Safety First, Fun Next

The primary focus for each class is water safety. The water should be a place to have fun and be playful, but staying afloat is the first priority. JJ teaches her students not to rely on swimming aids or help from others. Kids are taught to stay calm if they fall into the water, how to float on their own, and how to get back to the wall.

Small Group Learning

Lessons are made up of 2 to 4 students at the same level of swimming proficiency. The groups are small enough that each child receives personalized instruction. At the same time, the group setting allows kids to learn from watching others and to receive positive reinforcement from their peers.

Underwater Adventure

Anxiety around the water is a normal reaction. However, many of JJ's swimmers develop an excitement and confidence in their abilities that surprises and inspires them. JJ finds the balance between empathy and firmness that empowers her students to abandon their fears and learn to love the water.

About JJ

Always a fish myself, it was only natural that I chose to be on a swim team because that meant I could swim year round! And, since I loved being in the water so much and also loved kids, it was a logical decision to start teaching swim lessons at the age of 13.

Since then, whether it was during high school at Crescenta Valley, playing water polo at UCLA, earning a Master's of Arts in Education from Pepperdine, or teaching in my own classroom, I have always looked forward to my summers of helping both children and adults become not only water safe, but also proficient swimmers.

My goal first and foremost is to teach individuals of all ages to be completely safe and comfortable in the water. My second goal is to make swimming a fun activity. Lastly, I want all of my students to become life-long swimmers by learning different strokes, breathing on the side, diving, and even flip turns!

I look forward to working with you and your children this summer!


Lesson Info

Lessons are 30 minutes long with 4 children per lesson. Sessions run 2 consecutive weeks, with lessons 4 days a week. Your child will come at the same time for his or her lesson for the entire session.

Session dates and times will be posted when sign-ups begin. You can be notified when sign-ups start by providing your email address.



Lessons are taught here:

4261 Lincoln Ave.
Culver City, CA 90232



JJ is amazing. My daughter used to be very timid around the water and now, thanks to JJ, she swims like a fish!!

Kathleen (mom to Brittany, age 5)

My 3 sons love lessons with JJ. She has taught them to be safe and proficient in the water as well as given them a great love for swimming. We tried other group lessons, and were not thrilled. JJ is the BEST!

Kirsten (mom to Karl, age 7, and Alec and Drew, age 5)

JJ is an amazing swim teacher. I wish I'd found her when my son was younger. I would have started him out with her right away. She is just the right combination of kind, calm and gently firm that got my son past his fear of going underwater. He was worried about swim lessons when we started, but by the 3rd lesson he was past his fear and couldn't wait to go each time. He even told me he was excited about going under water and his confidence soared. Watching her and the steps she takes with kids as they progress, it's obvious she is highly experienced in teaching children to swim...

...I love that JJ has 3 or 4 kids in each lesson. They all get plenty of individual attention, but also the fun and encouragement of learning with other children. It's perfect!

Candis (mom to Nathaniel, age 5)

JJ is amazing with her students and I feel very fortunate to have been referred to her. She's firm but kind - exactly what my girls need in a swim instructor. She knows when to push them to reach that next level, but never to the point of forcing a fearful child to do something they just aren't ready to do. My girls adore JJ, but more importantly, they respect her authority in the pool. We're all excited to get back to swim lessons this spring!

Daniele (mom to Angelina and Isabella, age 5)

When they first started at JJ's swimming class, both Leah & Danielle were so scared of being in the water that they would not put their faces in. JJ's patience and teaching techniques enabled my girls to learn, to be watersafe, and most important of all, to enjoy swimming by the end of the summer. They can't wait to start swimming with JJ again!

Lorna (mom to Danielle, age 5 and Leah, age 7)

First day of swim lessons, Alani was in the pool and I heard her tell JJ, "This is the worst day of my life!" Two or three lessons later, Alani had her face underwater and was beginning to feel more comfortable in the pool. Toward the end of the session, Alani could swim without assistance from one end of the pool to the other and has loved swimming ever since! Thanks JJ!

Xenia (mom to Alani, age 5)


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